Four Seasons Yacht Review

Introducing the Four Seasons Yacht: Pursuitist’s First Look and Initial Impressions

At Pursuitist, we’re always on the pulse of what’s new and noteworthy in the realms of luxury and lifestyle. Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight the latest venture from a brand synonymous with five-star experiences and extraordinary adventures—Four Seasons. This time, the iconic hospitality brand is navigating new waters, quite literally, with the launch of their ultra-luxe yacht slated for 2025. From state-of-the-art design elements like the stunning Funnel Suite to meticulously crafted spaces for relaxation and revelry, this yacht promises to redefine what it means to travel in style. Sail away with us as we unpack the details of the Four Seasons Yacht and give you a preliminary review of this exceptional new venture from the renown hospitality brand.

In this comprehensive review, Pursuitist not only takes you through the deck plans and lavish amenities of the upcoming Four Seasons Yacht but also guides you on how to secure a reservation for this unparalleled sea voyage.

Four Seasons Yacht Review

Four Seasons Yachts Launching Late 2025: The Dawn of a New Luxury Nautical Era

If you’ve been craving an unparalleled sea experience that fuses untold opulence with wanderlust, prepare for the Four Seasons Yacht set to make its debut voyage in late 2025. In partnership with Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings Ltd and Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, Four Seasons is pioneering an ambitious venture. Led by trailblazing entrepreneurs Nadim Ashi and Philip Levine, alongside Four Seasons’ own history of luxury hospitality, the initiative promises an astonishingly high benchmark for yachting.

The Players: The Synergy Behind the Project

Alejandro Reynal, the CEO of Four Seasons, has succinctly framed this as a strategic direction aimed at providing “immersive luxury experiences.” Larry Pimentel, the CEO of Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings, has attested to the incredible interest the project has garnered since its announcement in Monaco. The undercurrent is obvious: this isn’t just a yacht; it’s a complete reimagining of what luxury sea travel can be.

Suite Dreams: Accommodations Beyond Imagination

Let’s cut to the chase—the first Four Seasons Yacht comes laden with 95 suites that epitomize decadence. In what can only be dubbed architectural ingenuity, these suites blur the lines between indoor grandeur and panoramic ocean vistas. You can expect terrace decks ranging from 100 square feet in the deluxe suite to an extravagant nearly 5,000 square feet for the Funnel Suite.

The Funnel Suite: A Skyline on Water

This engineering marvel is a four-level utopia offering over 9,500 square feet of combined indoor/outdoor living space. It flaunts a private wading pool, dedicated spa area, and wraparound curved glass windows offering 280-degree panoramic views. The Funnel Suite’s glass alone comes with a staggering $4.5 million price tag, heralding its unmatched exclusivity.

Four Seasons Yacht Review

Innovations: What Sets it Apart

The Four Seasons yacht isn’t just an accommodation—it’s a playground. The transverse marina on board is essentially a portal to aquatic adventures, featuring tiered lounging decks and a wide array of state-of-the-art water toys. The aft deck presents a 20-meter salt-water pool—one of the largest at sea—which can be quickly transformed into a multi-functional entertainment hub.

Booking & Availability: Reserve Your Own Odyssey

For the coterie of patrons loyal to Four Seasons, expect invitation-only access to this floating realm. For everyone else, there’s a waitlist. But it doesn’t stop there. A dedicated private client service division staffed by elite personal yacht consultants will manage reservations, setting an entirely new standard for bespoke sea travel.

How to Make a Reservation for the Four Seasons Yacht

To secure your reservation on the exclusive Four Seasons Yacht, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Four Seasons Yacht Website: Head to the official site where your maritime adventure begins.
  2. Explore the Experience: Take a moment to understand what sets Four Seasons Yachts apart. Every journey offers a blend of iconic destinations and unparalleled service.
  3. Join the Invite-Only List: Locate the section on the website that allows you to join an exclusive, invite-only list for future announcements and updates about the yacht.
  4. Register for Updates: Enter your details to be amongst the first to receive news about the yacht’s features, itineraries, and exclusive onshore experiences.

By completing these steps, you’ll position yourself at the forefront of a new chapter in luxury travel, marked by the Four Seasons’ signature blend of service and tailor-made experiences.

What is the Expected Pricing to Sail on the Four Seasons Yacht?

While the exact pricing details have yet to be unveiled, they will be announced once the reservations for individual itineraries open up. Given the sheer luxury and exclusivity that the Four Seasons Yacht promises, you can expect the pricing to be in line with the brand’s commitment to delivering premium experiences. Keep an eye out for these details; they’re sure to be as tantalizing as the yacht itself.

Voyages: From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean

The inaugural season will make its rounds in the Caribbean during winter and spring, eventually returning to the Mediterranean for the summer, with itineraries exploring the French and Italian Rivieras, the Adriatic coastline, and the Greek Isles. From the logistics, we’re talking 33 countries, 137 unique destinations, and 76 late-night evenings and/or overnights.

Four Seasons Yacht Review

The Four Seasons Yacht Review: Pursuitist First Impressions


When it comes to the epitome of luxury, Four Seasons has outdone itself with the unveiling of its latest venture—the Four Seasons Yacht, launching in 2025. Don’t think of this as just another cruise ship; this is a floating haven of the refined, designed with the sensibilities of a private yacht, but on a grander scale. The overarching vision is simple yet compelling: to meld the allure of exclusive yachting with the amenities of a world-class hotel.

Design & Suites

Let’s start with the pinnacle of architectural marvel: The Funnel Suite. Commanding a space of more than 9,500 square feet, this four-story penthouse suite is where extraordinary innovation meets aesthetic beauty. Its most prominent feature is the curved, wraparound glass windows, giving you a nearly panoramic 280-degree view of the endless ocean. This is no mere feat of design but a high-cost engineering wonder, backed by a robust steel web frame that gives the glass unmatched thermal performance. At a staggering cost of $4.5 million, these windows alone redefine the word ‘luxury.’

The suite ensures a transformative experience by not just offering overwhelming visual majesty but functional luxury—think private wading pools and dedicated in-suite spa treatment areas.

Of course, not everyone can stay in the Funnel Suite, but the Four Seasons Yacht makes no compromise in luxury in its other 94 suites. Averaging at around 580 square feet, each suite comes with its own private veranda that measures at least 100 square feet, ensuring everyone gets a slice of paradise.

Four Seasons Yacht Review

Public Spaces and Amenities

Public spaces haven’t been left behind either. The aft deck pool, inspired by Aristotle Onassis’ iconic yacht Christina O, extends the concept of multipurpose luxury. You can swim in its 66-foot length or watch as the floor levels with the deck to create an event space. For the ocean aficionados, the yacht features a first-of-its-kind, ship-wide marina designed for private sailing, snorkeling, and windsurfing. This marina area is flanked by tiered decks that provide ample lounging space and overlook a chic al fresco lounge perfect for sipping Champagne as the sun sets.

The Four Seasons Yacht  Experience

From the moment you step aboard, you’ll realize that the crew-to-passenger ratio is skewed in your favor, ensuring an unparalleled level of service. What sets the Four Seasons Yacht apart is its focus on exclusivity. Unlike conventional cruises, here you won’t find the random traveler. Reservations are, at least initially, by invitation only—catering to a clientele that appreciates scarcity as a form of luxury.


If the Caribbean and the Mediterranean sound like passé destinations, think again. The Four Seasons Yacht aims to explore these locations but through a lens only attainable by a private yacht—hidden coves, private beaches, and an element of seclusion that’s hard to find otherwise.

Pursuitist Final Take on the Four Seasons Yacht

In essence, the Four Seasons Yacht isn’t just a step up from luxury cruises; it’s a paradigm shift in what one can expect from a voyage at sea. With its compelling vision, exemplary design, and uncompromising focus on a unique, high-end experience, it sets the bar not just high, but in an entirely different level with an iconic hospitality brand.

The Four Seasons Yacht promises to extend the brand’s renowned attention to quality experiences, adventures, and unforgettable moments, now on the high seas. With its blend of engineering marvels, privacy, and understated luxury, the yacht aims to redefine ocean travel. Given Four Seasons’ proven track record on land, there’s every reason to anticipate that its maritime venture will successfully translate those signature experiences to a nautical setting. We’re looking forward to seeing how the brand evolves this new way to indulge in life’s great moments, this time against the backdrop of endless horizons.

Should You Book a Reservation on the Four Seasons Yacht?

Yes, If:

  1. Exclusivity Appeals to You: With its invitation-only initial launch, the Four Seasons Yacht offers an air of exclusivity that few other cruises can match.
  2. You Crave Customized Luxury: From in-suite spa treatments to dedicated marina crew, the service is tailored to individual whims and needs.
  3. Design Matters: The yacht’s unprecedented design elements, like the groundbreaking curved glass windows in The Funnel Suite, offer aesthetic experiences that go beyond typical luxury.
  4. You Enjoy Niche Destinations: Itineraries focus on ports popular with private yachts, allowing for a more intimate and unique travel experience.
  5. Unparalleled Accommodations: With the average suite size around 580 square feet and private verandas for each, the onboard accommodations set a new standard for roominess and luxury at sea.

No, If:

  1. Budget Constraints: The Four Seasons brand implies a level of expense; if budget is a significant concern, this experience might be a financial stretch.
  2. You Prefer Larger Crowds: With crew outnumbering guests, this is not the experience for those who prefer the bustling atmosphere of a larger cruise liner.
  3. High-Stakes FOMO: Given that the yacht’s itineraries are highly specialized and the guest list is curated, missing out on a reservation could be a source of regret.
  4. You’re Seeking Traditional Cruise Entertainment: If you’re a fan of casino nights, large theater shows, and buffet dining halls, this yacht’s intimate and luxurious atmosphere might not be for you.

The Four Seasons Yacht essentially presents an opportunity to experience the brand’s signature flair for unforgettable, individualized luxury in a new, maritime context. For those who resonate with this level of service and exclusivity, the decision leans towards a resounding yes. However, those with different tastes or constraints might find other options more to their liking.

That wraps up our first impressions review of the Four Seasons Yacht, ready to set sail in 2025.