Exciting Travel-Sized Gifts For When You Travel And When You Return Home

Now that summer is almost behind us and kids are back in school, our travel priorities have shifted. Whether you are looking for new accessories to take on the road or exciting products to return home to after a trip. These are some of our favorite travel-themed and travel-sized gift ideas for the fall season.

Luxury Scent Box

perfumeTravel-sized toiletries have become all too familiar for frequent flyers since TSA is eager to snatch them away for supposed security reasons. The Luxury Scent Box (LUXSB) offers a subscription-based fragrance delivery program that helps travelers find travel-sized cologne or perfume. While it’s easier to find shampoo and lotion in smaller bottles, it can be harder to find fragrance in convenient containers. These travel-sized spray bottles can be refilled with your favorite scent or you can opt for a subscription to receive a new scent every few weeks. Your favorites are available in full-sized bottles if you want something to keep at home.

LUXSB is constantly adding more options to the 800 designer or niche fragrance brands it uses. When you order, you share a preferred scent profile so that the brand can send you fragrances that you will like. Some of the newest options in the portfolio include the unisex Piper & Perro. Another is the new line called Who Is Elijah, which was first made available to LUXSB members before the public. If you travel often and want to try new fragrances (beyond just a spritz at duty-free), Luxury Scent Box is a great gift idea.

Ranvoo PocketGust L20 portable fan

fanFrequent travelers are familiar with poorly ventilated airports, especially those that travel overseas. In Europe and Asia among other places, decent air conditioning use is not as common. Having cool air available when you need it, whether on the plane, in an airport or at a hotel is key. The Ranvoo PocketGust L20 model is a sleep, high-quality fan that fits the bill. There are many portable fans on the market, but this compact fan lies horizontally. This makes it more discreet, and its size means it can fit into a pocket, briefcase or purse.

What is most impressive is the level of cool air. You will get air as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit from this small device. It charges using a USB port and comes in a variety of colors. The pair of turbo propellers inside and wide-angle outlet give this fan its excellent cooling power. The unique air duct system is what allows this fan to give it bigger boost in the air volume that it pushes out. This small device comes with its own charging cable, and warm-blooded travelers will be happy they found this fan.

ONX Wine at home

wineThis clever ONX Wine at Home tasting kit includes wine from Paso Robles that people can enjoy via virtual tasting at home. You can choose to guide yourself with detailed tasting notes that come in the package or engage with a virtual guide online for no extra charge. For $65 (including shipping), the box comes with four different wines and a link to guided videos. It’s a fun gift to enjoy on your own, with friends or even as a team building experience. There is also an option to order a wine and cheese tasting kit, too.

Eden’s Prebiotic, Probiotic and Polyphenols

powderThis Eden’s three-in-one super blend powder is the perfect antidote to frequent travel’s unpredictable diets. One scoop of this powder per day promotes gut health while making you feel more energized. I swear by it and have been using it for months. Not only does it help to lower cholesterol, but it also boosts your immune system. Since gut microbes are responsible for anti-inflammatory purposes within our body, it is important to keep it balanced and in check. This resealable pack comes with a scoop that you can use to add to a glass or bottle of water each day. Another bonus is that it helps to regular your appetite. Whether you are intermittent fasting or just don’t want to overeat when traveling, Eden’s should be your first drink of the day.

Grown Alchemist Biological Beauty

lotionsAustralian-born, Grown Alchemist has taken the beauty world by storm with its botanical and fresh approach to beauty products. With a growing number of hotels and airlines adding it to their premium perks, its gentle facial cleansers, skin renewal serums and lip balms are growing in popularity. It’s all toxin-free, which is another bonus, but the real kicker is that they are only a fraction of the cost of other lines.

They come in both in TSA-friendly travel sizes as well as larger packaging to enjoy at home. Frequent flying can take a toll on skin, and getting in a skincare routine is critical. The Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser uses geranium leaf, bergamot and rosebud as its fragrant and purposeful ingredients to cleanse your pores. The 25ml Skin Renewal Serum is a go-to for my travel toiletry kit. I really like how the Hydra-Repair Day Cream is light on the skin; you don’t even feel it is there after applying it. That is key for people traveling in warm-weather destinations. It uses geranium blossom and camellia to care for dark spots, wrinkles and sun damage.

A Skin Renewal Mask is perfect to apply after a long flight when you are settling in for bed. Using echinacea, fruit acids and snow mushroom, it will leave your skin feeling moisturized while improving skin clarity. If you are looking for skincare products products that won’t break the bank, but use high-quality ingredients, Grown Alchemist is the perfect fit.

Kai Skylight Candle

candleThe Kai series of fragrances is a great gift for anyone’s home. They come in a linen spray that can freshen up any room as well as a reed diffuser to fill your home with a lively gardenia scent, the brand’s signature. Made from a natural blend of soy, palm and coconut wax, the skylight candle burns for at least 40 hours. The rose scent is especially popular with its floral notes that come in candle, body cream and eau de parfum.

Pearls Olives to Go

olivesIf you’re like me, you are always looking for a healthy snack to take when traveling. Pretzels on the plane or stale sandwiches at the airport just don’t cut it. Pearls Olives to Go are a healthy treat that comes in single-serving containers without liquid. The pitted olives are easy to snack on, and they easily pass through TSA security checks. If you want to get creative, you can pop them into an inflight cocktail or to a salad on the run. Pearls has a variety of olive flavors, including red pepper, pimiento and jalapeño-stuffed options that are perfect for a flavor boost when traveling. Pesonally, I love a salty snack in the air.

Duck Duck Eco Goods

backpackIf traveling with kids, there are plenty of things you need to pack. But, not all of them are as eco-friendly as you may think. Duck Duck Eco Goods makes a variety of products like back packs, books and swaddle blankets. The books are designed for young children, but they also come in Cantonese, Mandarin and Spanish. For those trying to teach their kids a second language, these are a great option. The books are meant for kids up to the age of five. Anyone who has traveled with a young child knows that they would try anything to keep kids happy inflight.

Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers

diaperAnother option for family travel (Thanksgiving is coming up soon), the reusable cloth diapers and training pants from Charlie Banana are convenient. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also have an edge-to-edge softness that babies will find comfortable. They are machine-responsible. These cloth diapers come with reusable or disposable inserts, which is nice to have an option. The Charlie Banana cloth diapers come in trendy prints and are designed to be used for a long time. Travelers that don’t want to check a bag, and prefer to keep their carry-on light, reusable diapers are a good solution.



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