Dior at Shellona Saint-Tropez

In a vibrant collaboration, globally celebrated Shellona St Tropez and esteemed fashion icon Dior fuse to inaugurate a pop-up store on Shellona Beach, Saint-Tropez. This summer-long, vibrant homage to Christian Dior’s adulation of Mediterranean lifestyle and travel will also witness the worldwide revelation of the captivating ‘Dioriviera’ capsule in a series of transient boutiques.


Summer is the season of sand and sun, of ephemeral pop-ups and curated boutique experiences. This year, it’s the season of the Dioriviera, the latest dazzling spectacle from luxury fashion house Dior. Nestled amidst the sandy beaches and sun-drenched landscapes of Saint-Tropez, Shellona Beach is thrilled to announce its partnership with Dior to host the inaugural “Dioriviera” pop-up, open from the 1st of June until the 20th of September.

The Dioriviera project is an elegant continuation of Dior’s passion for the Mediterranean lifestyle, an ode to Christian Dior’s infatuation with the sun, sea, and an aura of hedonistic tranquillity. Shellona Beach, a resplendent backdrop of cerulean blue and glimmering gold, becomes an inviting canvas for Dior’s pop-up boutique.



In an intoxicating blend of the traditional and the contemporary, Dioriviera infuses timeless designs with a fresh perspective. The collection introduces a new and vibrant colour palette, featuring gentle hues of pink and grey. The familiar emblems of Dior’s collection, including the iconic Toile de Jouy, assume a softer guise, gracefully complementing the sun-bathed landscape of the Saint-Tropez shoreline.

Under the name ‘Toile de Jouy Sauvage’, the theme finds itself reinvented, adorning the elegant furniture spread across the Shellona Beach. Deckchairs, sunloungers, cushions, and parasols play host to this iconic motif, with the animals traditionally inhabiting the design transformed into life-size sculptures moulded entirely from the sun-kissed sand. These artistic creations serve as a gentle reminder of Dior’s storied past, a nostalgic homage to its historical roots, coupled with an evocative celebration of the new.


At the heart of Dioriviera, the Dior collection materializes in its full splendor. Luxury items like the Lady D-Lite, the Dior Book Tote, scarves, Mitzah, and the Dior silk top become essential components of the beach scene, embodying the warm spirit of ‘la dolce vita’ – the sweet life. Each piece, in its unique way, speaks to the Mediterranean allure that Christian Dior treasured.

Imbued with a warmth that captures the idyllic essence of a summer’s getaway, the Dior collection shines against the backdrop of the Shellona Beach. Elegant, refined, yet playful in its interpretation of the season, the collection marries the rich heritage of Dior with the relaxed spirit of the summer.


As the sun sets on Shellona Beach, casting long shadows over the Dioriviera pop-up, the magic of the Dior dream becomes palpable. The blend of fashion, art, and culture results in an immersive experience that transcends the traditional definition of a pop-up store.

In the end, the Dioriviera is much more than a series of ephemeral boutiques; it is an ethereal embodiment of the Dior ethos. It serves as an ode to the pleasure of a sun-drenched getaway, a harmonious blend of chic fashion and the natural allure of the Mediterranean, captured within a single, enchanting narrative.

As Dior continues to explore new horizons, Dioriviera offers a promising glimpse into the brand’s future: a future that retains its strong ties to the past while embracing the ever-evolving dynamics of the present. For now, Shellona Beach basks in the enchanting magic of the Dior dream, a testament to the timeless allure of the fashion house and the irresistible charm of the Saint-Tropez summer.

All photos courtesy and copyright Dior or photographers. Used with permission. 


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